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Where music comes to life!

About me and my philosophy

Angela Gaynor has been privileged to teach private voice and piano lessons for 26 years. She has also taught homeschool coop classes to elementary, middle, and high school for 17 years.  Teaching music in all aspects is her passion and helping students grow in their musical gifts is a joy!  Graduating Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Music from Southwestern Oklahoma State University and a certificate from the School of Worship at Victory Bible Institute, she has worked diligently to study music in many aspects. She has also worked on staff leading worship, worked with youth praise teams, choirs, children's music, and has trained many students in playing chord charts, singing harmony, and leading worship. Her background in music helps her greatly to be an innovative and knowledgeable teacher.  She is able to teach all ages and levels of both piano and voice.

    Private lessons are customized greatly to the individual and their temperament, knowing that some do well with moving quicker and being more challenged, while others do better taking a slower pace and emphasizing concepts more through additional material. The goal is to help them grow in their musical ability and knowledge while enjoying music at the same time and cultivating a lifetime love of all things music.   
    Because of that, A.G. Studios has built quite the library of games, manipulatives, creative reinforcements, and other ways to reiterate concepts that may need more review. Angela does have flashcards, but prefers to use her giant floor staff, fishing game, or maybe music battleship game to help teach notes to younger students as well as many more games. Incentives games and challenges are also used to encourage outside practice as well as a stickers and a prize store where practice 'Bach Bucks' are traded once a month for fun items.

Vocal lessons are also customized for each student. Students are taught theory, technique, sight singing, and a variety of styles in order to be well-rounded singers.   Although she does have training in opera, and foreign languages, Angela prefers to teach the other styles and help those who want to sing in other arenas. 

"I am greatly passionate about what I do.  I do things with excellence, constantly learning new methods to teach concepts, new games, and new ways to reinforce material. so that my studio is always excelling to new levels!"

Feel free to contact me at agstudios516@gmail.com with any further questions or to sign up.