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About me and my philosophy

My name is Angela Gaynor and I have been privileged to be on my 25th year of teaching private voice and piano lessons, as well as choirs, worship teams, home school group music classes, played/sang for weddings, funerals, and traveled with my own music and band. I have played piano and sang for 36 years. I also graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Music degree from Southwestern Oklahoma State University and am a graduate from the School of Worship at Victory Bible Institute. My background in music helps me greatly to be an innovative, knowledgeable teacher.  I love teaching and am able to teach all ages and levels of both piano and voice.

 I try to gear private lessons greatly to the individual and their temperament, knowing that some do well with moving quicker and being more challenged, while others do better taking a slower pace and emphasizing concepts more through additional material. My goal is to help them grow in their musical ability and knowledge while enjoying music at the same time and cultivating a lifetime love.   
    Because of that, I've worked hard to create a variety of games and other ways to reiterate concepts that need more work. I do have flashcards, but prefer to use my giant floor staff or my fishing game, or maybe my music battleship game to help teach notes to younger students as well as many more games. I also use a semester long incentive program to help encourage practice time, stickers, and a prize box for young children as well to keep things very rewarding.

With vocal lessons, I also gear the lessons to each student.  I have a huge background in performance and know well the genres of musicals, disney, love songs, some jazz and blues, older pop, worship, and contemporary Christian. Although I do have training in opera,and foreign languages,  I prefer to teach the other styles and help those who want to sing in other arenas. I include music theory, techniques, sight singing, and learning to sing harmony as part of lessons so that each student becomes a well rounded musician.

I am greatly passionate about what I do.  I do things with excellence, constantly learning new methods to teach concepts, new games, and new ways to reinforce material. so that my studio is always excelling to new levels!

Feel free to contact me at agstudios516@gmail.com with any further questions or to sign up.