Where Music Comes to Life!

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Where music comes to life!

Update -Music Maestros is postponed at this time due to numbers. If interested in such a class in the future, definitely let me know and you may be a part of helping pick a day & time.

Music Maestros  K5-3rd   -postponed     
Jump into the world of music in this interactive, moving class! Students will learn basic music theory, study different composers and their best-known pieces of music, play rhythm instruments like bongos, congas, shakers, maracas, rhythm sticks, and boom whackers, do moving activities to music, and begin to read beginning pitched and non-pitched music. We will also begin to learn music terms for various speeds and sound levels, as well as terms like conductor and composer. We will also compose our own music and work to create music together. This is a moving, interactive class where music truly comes to life! Taught by Angela Gaynor, a homeschool mother of three, who has a Bachelors of Music and has taught homeschool music classes for 11 years and private lessons for 26 years.
 Minimum 5 students, Maximum 12 students.
Cost $120 for 12 weeks of music instruction from 1:00-1:50 on Tuesdays (or 4 payments of $30)
Dates August 24th -November 16th (with a break on September 14th)

I have taught music classes for 11 years and thorough enjoy teaching all ages music, drumming, bucket percussion, recorders, singing, composers, instrument families, and choirs etc. I am currently fully booked teaching at Hillcrest Home Enrichment on Thursdays. 
At this time, they are not accepting new families, so  I hope the above class may help those interested in music. 

Homeschool Theory/Song Writing