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Where music comes to life!

Homeschool Theory/Song Writing

Does your student need more music credits? I am considering adding a group lesson for home schoolers on theory/song writing/ and chord charts (will help them transpose, understand, and play not only alone but in bands, worship teams, etc.)
If you are interested please contact agstudios516@gmail.com as if there is enough interest, I would love to offer this group lesson. (must start at the beginning of the semester at the chosen date and time)

Homeschool Music

I have taught music classes for 10 years and thorough enjoy teaching all ages music, drumming, bucket percussion, recorders, singing, composers, instrument families, etc. If you have a coop and would love music classes, please contact agstudios516@gmail.com to speak further.

Homeschool Coops

I am currently teaching music classes at homeschool coops as well. Please contact agstudios516@gmail.com for more information.