A.G. Studios

Where music comes to life!

Why Choose A.G. Studios

My background....
I not only graduated Cum Laude with my Bachelor of Music, I am also a homeschool mom trained in identifying and working with your learning style and knowledgeable about right brain and left brain learners. I have visual aids (often using color which helps right brain learners), hands on aids (like placing 'brother bear' on the 'b' key) , as well as auditory aids so that students CAN get their learning style met and if an area is struggling in any way -I am prepared to work in many ways until it is mastered.

For preschool through elementary students.....
I am constantly adding new music, new exercises, new games, new worksheets to my studio as well as bringing in special song writing activities, like the one we wrote for mother's day and students left playing their new song as well, or when my vocal students wrote our own bunny song to sing. I also do semester long incentive games that get students exciting about their practive time earning points and prizes. You will find I work very hard between lessons to make each lesson full of exciting and often seasonal 'extra's' for younger students.

For intermediate and advanced students....
After having played and sang for 36 years and taught 22, I can help you grow not only in playing /singing the notes, but performing with musicality and mastery. I assess students often in key areas so that no area will be weak but you will continue to be strong in playing, singing, sight reading, theory, technique, musicality, and interpreting the music. Plus, with my ability to add in chordal knowledge, students are quickly able to help in church, youth bands, and so much more.

My Schedule....
The uniqueness of homeschooling allows me to begin teaching lessons at 2:00 and go through the evening, giving me an afternoon session and evening session to help with scheduling needs.

My Passion....going above and beyond...
I love music and playing and singing. I love children, teens, and adults. I have taught ages 4-65 so far and am open for beyond. It is my heart to pass on the joy of music and help others grow in their musical gifts. I don't have to, but am constantly adding new things. Whether I know your student loves a frozen song and I find it for them just because, or bringing in a 20 piece challenge to help their practice time see rewards and prizes, as well as personally recording vocal students tracks in the exact key that work for their voice. It is these 'extra's' that give not only my 110% but also make my students realize that this isn't just something I 'do', it's something I LOVE!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring to lessons?
You will need a spiral notebook or binder with loose paper each week, as well as a pencil, and books assigned to purchase. I highly recommend beginner students purchase flashcards, but those do not need to be brought to lessons.

When is my tuition due?
The first lesson of the month is when that monthly payment is due. No reminders go out about this, so please mark your calendar or plan ahead as there is a late fee if missed. (Though paypal is available and time is allowed to mail it in.)

Is there a recital?
Yes, each year there is a spring recital, awards ceremony, and reception.

Do you give out awards?
Yes, I do. There are various awards given out each year, such as most improved beginner, technique achievement awards, etc.

Can my children play on your outside toys?
Unfortunately, due to liability, I cannot allow children to play on our trampoline.