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Private Lessons

Classical Piano for Children Beginners
Come learn basic music theory, technique, and how to read music and play the piano. Lessons include a variety of music each week in the purchased books, worksheets at times, fun music games that help reinforce musical concepts, seasonal activities such as a mother's day songwriting activity, and a recital in the Spring  Rewards are giving for practice time each week and special awards are given on occasion. A piano series is used (Faber & Faber and Piano Pronto) and 5 books are required and will last for around a year depending on the student and rate of learning. Practicing three times a week for short amounts of time is required to continue to progress, though 4-5 times a week are encouraged. Lessons are suggested at 45 minutes for beginners as it allows time to do reinforcing activities, off the bench fun assessments, songwriting, and more. 30 minute lessons are available upon request.

Classical Piano for Older Beginners or Adults
Come learn basic music theory, technique, and how to read music and play the piano. Lessons include a variety of music each week, worksheets at times, assessments throughout the year, and a recital in the Spring. Learn to play all styles and more complicated rhythms as well as start to learn chord knowledge. Four books are required and a spiral notebook will be needed also. Practicing four -five  times a week at least for 30 minutes is encouraged so that progression week to week happens. Lessons are available for 30 minute, 45, or 60 minutes.

Non-Traditional Piano
Non-traditional piano is learning to play off a page, from lead sheets, chord charts, fake books, playing by ear, and composing music. This is great for those with some basic piano or music knowledge who have a desire to play in this area and have a more creative nature. A great addition for those playing in bands of any kind. Non-Traditional piano can be added to a classical piano class or can be taken alone (some requirements needed to take alone). This is recommended for ages 8 on up.

Vocal Training for Children
Vocal lessons for children are exciting and full of fun ways to learn vocal technique, vocal warm ups, diction, and how to sing the correct way in a variety of hand picked songs. Each students song list is based on their preferences as well as what works on certain skills, and they are connected with digital files for warmups and songs through a free dropbox app so that practicing can be done anywhere. Games are used at times, as well as my giant floor music staff to work on intervals as we 'jump' to a higher note, creative warm ups, and a recital in the Spring. Lessons are unique to each student and full of learning theory, technique, diction, and styles.

Vocal Training for Older Beginners and Adults
Vocal lessons are individually based on each student and designed to teach music theory, technique, diction, styles, sight singing, and much much more. A drop box folder is made for each student so that warm ups and songs can be practiced anywhere. Students sing in a variety of styles, but always get to choose within that style between a few options. Because vocal training takes more time recording and finding music, I only take up to 3 vocal students at one time.

Combo Piano and Music
Is your child interested in music, but preferring not to practice at home?
Or maybe too young or too little attention span to practice much at home? Than this is the perfect class for you. Have part of the class be private piano lessons where we practice in class and go through the books together, and have the other part of the class be games that reinforce the musical concepts as well as learning much about a variety of areas of music. Progressing through the books is slower and at a different rate, but enjoyment level is kept high and rewards are given for practice times.

Also Available
Want to dig into theory, song writing, composing, working with a praise band, playing in a band, leading  a praise band or band, playing improv., flowing during a worship or prayer service or even need someone to train your churches worship band to help them grow together? These are also areas I can help train in. Just let me know and we will custom make your lesson times to add in or even work completely in one or of more of these areas.