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My son has been taking piano lessons from Ms. Angela for about a year and we are amazed at the progress he's made.  He loves his lessons and even turned down the option to take the summer "off" from piano.  Angela goes above and beyond in providing engaging games and incentives for the students, playing duets with them, and providing positive encouragement.  Her annual recital was a true celebration of each student and it's clear that she is a dedicated and passionate instructor.
~Alyssa Karinshak

Elementary Piano Student

Teen Piano Student

I am so impressed and satisfied with the professionalism and talent Angela brings as a teacher and mentor! I realize the benefits of talented instructor especially when a move requires a new piano teacher. We are satisfied with our daughter?s experience and growth because it took 3 years to finally find a great fit!
~Teresa Mani

Piano Keys

Tween Piano Student

Our daughter Rosabella started piano lessons with Ms. Gaynor just last fall. We are amazed of how much she has learned and accomplished. Ms. Gaynor is wonderful, dedicated and fun so if you are looking for a great music/piano teacher she is the one.
~Roselba De Jesus

Adult Vocal Student

Angela has been a great instructor and I have grown so much in my vocal abilities. I've been using my voice weekly at our church and have felt much more confident in leading and giving my best. I love using songs I'm actually singing at church to work on vocal skills! Having digital files to practice with has been great as well.

Elementary Voice & Piano Student

My oldest has been taking piano and voice from Angela for 2 years and we couldn't be happier. She enjoys the fun she has at her lessons and we are always impressed that she is learning so much! We are very excited to have our younger child start will lessons this year too. We drive over 45min to get to Ms. Angela which is indicative to how much we love her!
Sarah Carter

Teen Vocal Student

My daughter loves Ms. Angela! She loves to sing and adores performing. Ms. Angela's warmups she practices at home have been fun with hip hop beats. She's loved the vocal games and moving activites with keep her young attention span engaged. The music they've chosen together has been fantastic and my daughter leaves vocal lessons full of energy and happy as a clam. She also loves getting to use the microphone and record herself in lessons as they complete a song.

Adult Piano & Voice Student

I am an adult learner taking voice and piano lessons at A.G. Studios. Angela is an amazing instructor as she is knowledgable and love what she does. I am learning piano and improving my voice at a fast pace as Angela applies different techniques to help the student learn. I am definitely enjoying the experience!

Our son had taken a year or two of piano lessons prior to our meeting Angela, but once lessons with Angela began, we could tell a huge difference in his playing and in his enjoyment of music. Justin's desire to play has been solidified by his experience with her and for that, we will be forever grateful.
Susan Norton

Teen Piano & Chordal Student

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